How to go to Borobudur Temple


Borobudur is the greatest Buddhist Temple in the 9th century. It has 1460 relief boards and 504 the Buddha images in the building complex. Borobudur was constructed by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, the descendant of Wangsa Syailendra. Established Kayumwungan dedication, an Indonesian
called Hudaya Kandahjaya discovered that Borobudur is a house of worship which was finished May, 26 824, about 100 years since the early days was constructed. Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java. The location of the temple is located about 100 km South-West of Semarang and 40 kilometres north-west of Yogyakarta.

  • If you from Malioboro, ride TRANS JOGJA (you can find the shelter around Malioboro Plaza) until Jombor Bus Station, the bus rate  Rp. 3.000. From Jombor Bus Station, you must ride by Jogjakarta – Borobudur’s bus (we called BIS RAGIL with yellow in its body) and the bus rate is around Rp. 7.000 until Rp 8.000
  • Busway
  • You can rent a car, it’s around Rp. 400.000 until Rp. 500.000 for 24 hours with driver. Driving direction

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